X-Putt    X-Putt Nano    

X-Putt is stylish, innovative
and totally compelling.

X-Putt, exciting to look at, exhilarating to play and an exceptional way to accelerate your profits. X-Putt offers your customers the perfect mix of physical skill and judgement with fun and excitement – plus the chance to putt for cash prizes!

X-Putt DemoFeatures

Designed for adults but can be played by all the family, a game of skill which is highly addictive with the power to give your customers a rush of adrenaline and operators a new income stream.
• Quick & simple installation
• Easy to follow touch screen instructions
• Players can putt for practice or cash
• Compact size – 2.5m (L) x 1.2m (W)


The footprint of the X-Putt payout is not that much more than that of a compact pool table.

Three variations to choose from

X-Putt Screen

X-Putt Payout

The perfect mix of physical skill and judgement with fun and excitement – plus the chance to putt for cash!

X-Putt Challenge

Fantastic family fun – play as a group against one another or individually for hours of amusement!

X-Putt Pro

Exciting and absorbing. Designers for golfers and non-golfers alike, easy to learn – skilful to master.

An exciting game with real putting on only 2m²

X-Putt Screen

X-Putt is a 10 ball game.

Players follow the touch screen instructions aiming for the ten putting holes on the X-shaped outfield in order.

Putting for Fun or Cash?

Either Putting for Fun to practice of Putting for Cash, the game is great fun for players of all ages. When Putting for cash, points are accumulated which give the opportunity to take the ‘X-Putt Challenge’ and win up to £50.

Why would you invest in X-Putt?

WGS launched X-Putt Payout at the ATEI Show in 2009 and there are now X-Putt units operating throughout the UK, at Centre Parcs, Hollywood Bowl, Tenpin, AMF Bowling, Butlins and Haven Holiday Parks – plus numerous retail outlets and FEC’s.

What’s in it for you?

Available on a revenue share basis, lease rental arrangement or outright sale, expected daily takings of £35 give you a ROI of under a year.

Available on a

• Revenue share basis
• Lease rental arrangement or
• Outright sale

Some of the coolest features of X-Putt

X-Putt Screen• Quick turnover – 10 ball game
• A game of skill with a rush of adrenaline
• A powerful new income stream
• Perfect size for arcades
• Fantastic for putting practise
• Easy to follow touch screen commands