Counting your every move

Trackaball is a brand new technology that has been invented and patented by World Golf Systems Ltd (WGS), the inventors of the ID Ball System and TopGolf. The Trackaball technology is able to identify individual players and track where they are on the course, how many shots they have had and the route the ball has taken. Trackaball is a fully computerised system that enables the game of GoGolf to be played. It facilitates operators to optimise the experience, including attracting new customers and encouraging repeat visits.

How does Trackaball work?

How Trackaball works exactly is a closely guarded secret but there is a tiny micro computer in the central core of every golf ball. This micro computer calculates where the ball is, how often it is hit, and by whom. This information is transmitted to a central computer which displays every players’ score on screens around the golf course, including players’ Smartphones if required.


Each Trackaball enabled golf ball is a high quality golf ball, with the same characteristics as a regular high quality golf ball.
It looks the same, weighs the same and rolls the same.