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Business Opportunities
3 Levels of GoGolf

Do you have an existing Mini-golf or Adventure Golf course and are looking to maximise its income potential? Perhaps you have space within a new or existing multi-leisure complex and are looking for an innovative addition? GoGolf is the answer. Highly adaptable and capable of utilising existing courses or creating bespoke courses to your own requirements.

It’s the perfect business opportunity that will regenerate existing courses and be the feature headline attraction for shopping, leisure centres and airports – or completely new stand alone GoGolf Entertainment complexes.

GoGolf – Entry level upgrades

Scores will be clearly displayed at every hole. The system compiles and ranks all the scores on a large ‘Leaderboard’ screen displayed at reception and on the course. It can show all the best scores daily, weekly, all time etc, for different categories such as junior, ladies, adult, professional etc. Groups of players can setup their own leaderboard which is perfect.GoGolf can be played on any existing putting course, with minimal modifications. GoGolf is designed to be played on any Mini Golf, Adventure Golf or Crazy Golf course in addition to traditional golf Putting Greens.

The surface can be real grass or artificial. GoGolf will only be installed into a existing site if the operator ensures certain high quality standards are met, including course maintenance, playability and customer service.

GoGolf Holes

GoGolf – Course Conversion

GoGolf Lost IslandUninteresting holes can be enhanced to achieve the full potential of a GoGolf course.

World Golf Systems have designed a range of GoGolf holes which have been designed to optimise the utilisation of the Trackaball technology and to create the ultimate GoGolf game play experience.

GoGolf World – New Courses

GoGolf World brings out the full potential of GoGolf and all the associated experiences that come with it. Customers will be able to socialise before and after a game, enjoying food and drink in the on-site café. Or even stay late and take part in the nightlife of the course at the bar.GoGolf World will consist of at least 27 specially designed holes, indoors and outdoors. All the holes are designed to optimise the excitement and challenge of GoGolf.

New Course Features

Every new course will have all of the following, where possible:

• GoGolf and Trackaball signage
• Large outdoor and indoor leaderboard
• Water, including lakes, rivers, waterfalls, fountains etc.
• Tunnels, caves and ‘mountains’
• Trees, plants, greenery etc (easy to maintain)
• Accessible to all, including wheelchairs
• 9 holes in, 18 out
• Courses can be scales to location
• 9–12 holes 3,000–8,000ft2
• 18 holes 8,000–10,000ft2

Overview Map

A new GoGolf course can be designed in any way required. The course can be of any size, any number of holes, any theme, with any features you can think of. It can be indoors or outdoors and of any construction such as timber or concrete.

Every hole will have the following attributes:

• Be fun, challenging, exciting, skilful, quick
• Clearly defined tee area, fairway, rough, greens
• Hazards, such as bunkers
• Significant changes in height levels
• Choice of routes to the hole
• GoGolf scoreboards on every hole
• Special effects, where practical

Ideal for:

• Airport
• Shopping Centre
• Outdoor leisure site
• Warehouse