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About WGS

About World Golf Systems

The leading innovator in golf entertainment technology

World Golf Systems’ vision is to bring more excitement to golf by creating games with a real competitive edge, which appeal to a much wider market. Since 1997, we have been developing and exploiting our inventions – starting with the I.D. Ball System, the rest is history.

Technology with endless possibilities

Using the revolutionary I.D. Ball System technology, WGS went on to fully develop the TopGolf game concept and create a brand new leisure category – the TopGolf Game Centre.

WGS is a British company that continues to innovate and the success of TopGolf is now being repeated with our most recent invention, Trackaball, and the launch of GoGolf in 2014.


WGS has established partnerships with a number of leading names in golf and technology. We have retained our equity stake in TopGolf International Inc which continues to roll-out TopGolf internationally.

Our expertise and commitment ensures that our systems are of the highest standard and quality. Partners include Callaway, Range Servant AB and Microsoft.