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A brand new leisure activity

from the creators of TopGolf.

That was then. This is now.

That was then. This is now.

Transforming the game. Transforming the experience and transforming your revenue.
GoGolf is a brand new, fun and innovative golf game, for use on new and existing mini golf courses.
The game utilises our revolutionary, patented ‘Trackaball’ technology, which keeps track of every
golf ball to automatically create a scorecard for each player, so…
• no more blunt pencils • no difficult to read scorecards
• no cheating or adding up errors • no hassle
…just pure fun for all ages and abilities.

Counting your every move.

GoGolf utilises World Golf System’s revolutionary, patented ‘Trackaball’ technology
Trackaball is a brand new – top secret – technology that is able to identify individual players and track
where they are on the course, how many shots they have had and the route the ball has taken.

Trackaball Logo
Trackaball is a fully computerised system
that enables operators to optimise the
experience, including attracting new
customers and encouraging repeat visits.
The Trackaball calculates where the ball is,
how often it is hit, and by whom so every
players’ score can be displayed on screens
around the GoGolf course – and to players’
Smartphones if required.

The GoGolf experience.

During the game, the players will be able to view their scores, as they happen,
on the screens around the course or on their smartphones


Action replays

Relive the action of special achievements such
as a ‘hole in one’ adding a new element of fun
and excitement.

Multiple route holes

Fun, very easy to understand and play, but very
difficult to master. Players need to select the
optimum route and complete the course in as
few shots as possible. However there are a
number of routes and depending on the level
of difficulty GoGolf calculates a points score
based on skill, accuracy and consistency.
The player with the highest points tally wins.

The points system makes GoGolf more interesting, more fun and more competitive.

GoGolf special effects.

In-play technology
The Trackaball can control any mechanical device on the course

It could control the movement of an obstacle, a robot or animatronics. The Trackaball can also control
lighting, graphics, sound and any other special effect required such as water jets, lasers and fireworks.GoGolf Special Effects

GoGolf prizes and merchandise.

The brand goes further than the game
The GoGolf brand can generate income far beyond the game and is a powerful marketing tool.

GoGolf Prizes & MerchandiseGoGolf prize points

For every GoGolf point scored, a prize point will be awarded to encourage repeat play and to reward success. Prize points can then be redeemed for discounts, free games, drinks and merchandise.

GoGolf Merchandise

GoGolf branded merchandise will be available on-site and online
• T-Shirts, baseball caps, socks etc
• Souvenirs: pens, balls, tees, umbrellas, gifts etc
• GoGolf trophies
• Photographs of players in action
• MyGoGolf – a putting game for home use

GoGolf the complete
entertainment package.

GoGolf membership

The Trackaball Membership System allows
operators to manage their site and customers
through this very powerful CRM tool.

GoGolf CRM

After play entertainment

Enjoy a drink during and after the game
Party & spaces for hire
Team building and corporate events

The GoGolf app

Enables players to become part of the
GoGolf community, sharing and competing
against each other
Lists all GoGolf site information
Real time scorecards and leaderboards
Shows action replays
And more

GoGolf Club

GoGolf is for you.

Thinking of upgrading, converting
or building a completely new course?